Evolving Careers Players delivers four different types of Corporate Drama Programmes. Click on the links below to learn more.

Roleplay interviews   ROLE-PLAY INTERVIEWS
Get past the polish to hire the best candidate. Using Role-Play for real-play workplace scenarios allows you to get to know each candidate beyond ‘canned’ answers... learn more
Masterclasses   MASTERCLASSES
Experiential learning
which is fast, focussed, and intense, gets you practicing your new found know-how through role-playing every day work-based situations. Each Masterclass lasts 90 minutes and covers a wide range of people skills and business competencies... learn more
Events   EVENTS
We use the principles of Immersive Theatre to create an experience into which you are plunged. You’ll play a key role, whether that’s at our ‘Spy Training Camp’, ‘Detective Convention’ or at our ‘Theatre School’... learn more
Theatre   THEATRE
Theatre provides an extremely powerful and cathartic experience for its audience. Powerful plays penetrate people’s hearts and minds, resulting in a sustaining effect on behaviour, attitudes and performance... learn more

Our Open Courses give you the opportunity to undertake learning away from the spotlight of your work environment.... learn more